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Alex Jones lawsuits: This is not a First Amendment issue

The allegations in the complaint offer a comprehensive and wrenching account of what Jones and his fellow travelers have put these families through since December 2012.


New rules and opportunities with e-cigarette, medical marijuana advertising

Starting in August, federal regulations go into effect that clarify how e-cigarettes can be advertised. Meanwhile, we urge all members to review the opportunity that medical marijuana suppliers present in Ohio – with some caveats that I’ll review below.


Between Coasts Forum elevates journalism’s underreported stories in the heartland

Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and Denison University recently hosted an innovative workshop for a select group of local and national journalists to strategize how to champion underreported stories and get them before a larger audience.


Meet the new editor of the Marion Star

Journalism is important. Local journalism is even more so. That is my core belief as I take over as editor of the Marion Star.


Former Tribune Chronicle Executive Editor Susan Svihlik passes away

Former Tribune Chronicle Executive Editor Susan Svihlik died Sunday in Chicago after a five-year battle with cancer. She was 71.


Cleveland Jewish News expands to Columbus market

The Cleveland Jewish Publication Company, the parent company of the Cleveland Jewish News, will expand its footprint to include central Ohio with the creation of the Columbus Jewish News.


Why media companies fear this lawyer who sues for copyright violations of photographs

In the print era, photojournalists did not spend all that much time worrying about copyright infringement, as stealing a news photograph often required more effort than actually licensing the image. But in this screenshot, drag-and-drop, endlessly Instagrammable world, copyright infringement—the unauthorized reproduction, display, and/or distribution of a copyrighted work—has become an inescapable fact of life for working photographers.


Ask policymakers to testify at the ITC and co-sponsor the print act

Members of Congress will soon be in their congressional districts and states for the Memorial Day congressional recess (May 25 – June 3). This provides a great opportunity for newspaper executives to meet with policymakers back home and ask that they help reverse harmful duties on Canadian imports of uncoated groundwood paper used in the production of newsprint.


Newburgh Heights mayor's defamation lawsuit against Cleveland TV station over critical story can proceed, judge rules

A Cuyahoga County judge refused to throw out a defamation and libel lawsuit filed by Newburgh Heights Mayor Trevor Elkins and village council members against WEWS Channel 5, its parent media company and reporter Jonathan Walsh.


Publishers protest new Facebook rules on political ads

Major news organizations, including USA TODAY, raised objections Friday to Facebook's plans to treat ads promoting political news coverage the same as political advocacy ads.

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