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Ohio politicians back ONMA initiative, support the purpose of Sunshine Week

Thank you again for all you do. It has been the opportunity of my lifetime to serve you.


Zinser on proposed new overtime rule

This writer and many others predicted that the Department of Labor, under the leadership of Secretary Acosta would publish a new proposed rule in March 2019. The new proposed rule would increase the salary level threshold that must be met in order to be overtime exempt under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act.


How are newspapers doing? It depends on who you ask

It was a lot like other experiences I’ve had at conventions over the past couple of years. In March, as I gathered my backpack to head out of the room where I’d just spoken in Madison, Wisconsin, a man approached and said, “I really appreciated what you had to say. May I ask a question?”


Into the Issues: Newspapers need to explain how we work

Newspapers cover almost every imaginable topic, but when it comes to understanding and explaining their own roles in society, many community newspapers fall short.


Here’s our best advice on how to keep records and meetings open in Ohio

The Ohio News Media Association and our related Ohio Coalition for Open Government frequently receive calls from citizens who need help navigating Ohio’s “sunshine laws” – the laws that ensure government is open, transparent and accountable.


Finalists announced in Ohio APME newspaper contest

Finalists have been announced in the Ohio Associated Press Media Editors' 2018 newspaper contest.


2019 ONMA Carrier of the Year winners

The 2019 Carrier of the Year Awards were presented at the 2019 ONMA Convention, which was held February 7-8 at the new Renaissance Columbus Westerville-Polaris Hotel.


Great journalism is what our members do

I’ve always viewed this job as a rare opportunity to give back and apply what I’ve learned about this business. It has been a passion and a calling since I first started writing about prep sports for 20 cents an inch when I was a high school student in the suburbs of Chicago.


Weekly and collegiate contest winners

The top winners based on points are honored at the ONMA Convention Luncheon.


Dougal and Moon appointed to the Ohio News Media Association Board of Trustees

Kirk Dougal and Lane Moon have been appointed to the Ohio News Media Association Board of Trustees to fill current vacancies. Because these vacancies occuried in the middle of two board members' terms, ONMA Presidnt Ron Waite appointed Dougal and Moon to finish the remainder of those terms.


ONMA honored for work supporting bill on historical records

Ohio State Rep. Rick Perales, R-Beavercreek, presented the Ohio News Media Association with a proclamation from the Ohio House of Representatives thanking association members and staff for their support of House Bill 139.


News On the Green joins ONMA

News On the Green, an online news source and free monthly print publication, has joined the Ohio News Media Association. The print version of News On the Green is bundle-dropped monthly along with home-delivered and mail copies in and around Yankee Lake Village, Brookfield Township and Masury, Ohio. They also have some print distribution in western Pennsylvania.


New NLRB overrules Obama era NLRB independent contractor precedent

On January 25, 2019, the National Labor Relations Board, in a 3 to 1 Decision, ruled that Super Shuttle drivers at the Dallas Fort Worth Airport were independent contractors and not employees. In making this ruling, the NLRB reversed the NLRB’s FedEx Decision. The FedEx Decision had engaged in legal adventurism, dramatically diminishing the importance of entrepreneurial opportunity, making it easier to find employee status. This writer opined at the time that the FedEx Decision was inconsistent with U.S. Supreme Court precedent and the intention of Congress after it’s 1947 amendments to the National Labor Relations Act.


Hotline gets questions on marijuana, court records and more

Monica Nieporte and I have started working together as the ONMA prepares for our executive director transition at the end of March when I depart.  One of the duties I will miss the most is being first point of contact for legal hotline calls.  You know you’ve made a difference when you can provide rapid response for members facing problems that run the gamut from major libel suits to thorny questions involving open records or advertising regulations.


Kevin Slimp on how a young Kansas publisher quickly learned the secrets of success

When Tommy Thomason invited me to spend a couple of days at the Texas Center for Community Journalism a few months ago, I was quick to answer. I don’t work in Texas nearly as much as I used to, and I was ready go back to my old home state. (I attended college in Texas back in the day.)


Archbold Buckeye sold to current staffers

After three generations of Archbold Buckeye ownership by the Taylor family, the newspaper has been sold. Mary Huber, general manager and advertising director, and David Pugh, news editor, have purchased the 113-year-old publication from Ross Taylor, his wife, Sharon, and children Brent and Jania.


132nd General Assembly exits Statehouse with good results for ONMA

The end of the 132nd General Assembly brought mainly good news for ONMA members for three reasons. First, we helped pass good bills or made progress on several of our legislative priorities. Second, several bills that concerned us were made far better because of our efforts.


Ohio Supreme Court ruling will have huge impact on libel and defamation cases

Libel suits are about to become far less risky and far less common for the press in Ohio. The Ohio Supreme Court ruled 6-1 on Dec. 7 that Ohio's tort reform laws apply to libel, a decision that dramatically reduces the incentive for seasoned lawyers to take on libel cases representing people who claim they have been defamed.


Al Cross on the importance of rural journalism

Has any rural journalist has won one of the major journalism-ethics awards? I don’t think so, and if that’s right, such honor is greatly overdue. It is generally more difficult – and can be a lot more difficult – to do hard-nosed, ethical journalism in rural areas and small towns than in metropolitan areas, partly because of the constant conflict that rural journalists must deal with, between their professional responsibilities and their personal interests: family, friends, business relationships and so on.


Outcomes solid so far on public notices, records in lame-duck session

It’s lame-duck time, the period between an election and the seating of a new legislature when just about anything can happen to a pending bill and sometimes does. The drama will unfold in the Ohio Legislature for at least one more week.


Kevin Slimp on our digital future

Some of you will remember Facebook. If you’re over 40, you probably visit Facebook on a regular basis. If you’re like most of the college students in my life, ask a parent or older friend. They can tell you about it.


Ohio Supreme Court reduces damages in defamation case

Today the Ohio Supreme Court ruled in Wayt v. DHSC, LLC, that claims of defamation fall under the $250,000 cap for noneconomic damages. The ruling reverses a $1.55 million award Ann Wayt received from a Stark County Common Pleas Court and remands the matter to the trial court for further proceedings.


How poor customer service can lead to fewer public notices

This appears to be a story about a client that spurned an advertising channel as a result of poor customer service.


Government proposes to eliminate print newspapers as a vehicle to reach U.S. workers

The DOL is proposing to eliminate a requirement that employers notify U.S. workers of available positions through an advertisement in Sunday newspapers of general circulation, “in the area of intended employment,” and replace it with an electronic job posting.


AIM Media Midwest combines the Piqua Daily Call and the Troy Daily News into a new publication

Notice something new about your newspaper today? The Troy Daily News and the Piqua Daily Call are joining forces to create a new publication, Miami Valley Today. This is the first issue of the new combined publication.


At 2019 ONMA convention, plan on relevance and fun

Maurice Clarett, Ken Paulson, great networking, lots of ad training and a ‘wall of wine.’


What Ohio election results mean for ONMA members

My crystal ball quickly starts to crack when I try to make political predictions, but here are a few thoughts in the wake of Tuesday’s election in terms of issues that matter to all of us.


Newspaper notice helps save county’s oldest grave

Theophilus Hunter was a big deal in Wake County, North Carolina, and in Raleigh, the county seat.


Kevin Slimp on what newspaper folks are saying about the state of the industry

Over the past two weeks, I’ve traveled from coast to coast speaking at newspaper conferences and meeting with Canadian and American journalists about what is happening at their newspapers and, hopefully, offering a little good advice.


Libel cases and cannabis oil – ONMA gets involved

What do a libel case against a Columbus television station and the legality of sales of so-called “hemp oil” products have in common?


ONMA board acts on dues, ad revenue and new director search

Following more than a year of study, the Ohio News Media Association Board of Trustees approved a new method of calculating the dues investments of its members at its October meeting in Sandusky.


Ahead of midterm elections, call on Congressional candidates to support newspapers

To have a chance for a sustainable future for news publishing, we need to do everything possible to get the JCPA passed in the next Congress. Therefore, I am writing to ask you to publish an editorial calling on candidates in the midterm elections to support an antitrust safe harbor for news publishers between Wednesday, October 24 and October 31.


Membership program could be strong new revenue model

Advertising and subscriptions aren’t the only revenue strategy options publishers should be weighing. According to Robbie Kellman Baxter, president of Peninsula Strategies and author of The Membership Economy, there’s a third option: membership.


Michael McCarter named new editor for Evansville Courier & Press, Henderson Gleaner

An eye for dynamic visual storytelling and a passion for local news have been the cornerstones of Michael McCarter's 20-plus year career in journalism, carrying him to some of the country's most prestigious newspapers.


Legacy Advisor Network connects funeral homes with households

Legacy.com has launched the Legacy Advisor Network, a program that will match Legacy’s demographically ideal consumers who are interested in funeral planning with local funeral homes. With more than 20 million baby boomers visiting Legacy.com monthly, the company’s user base, which skews toward women 55+, is a strong match for the funeral planning market, according to legacy.com.


What will happen when newspapers kill print and go online-only? Most of that print audience will just…disappear

For American daily newspapers, the story of the last decade-plus hasn’t been about mass closures — it’s been about mass shrinkage. The pace at which newspapers are shutting down isn’t much different from what it was in the late 20th century. Instead, just about every daily paper has gotten smaller — smaller newsroom, smaller budgets, smaller print runs, smaller page counts — year after year after year. It’s death by a thousand paper cuts.


Kevin Slimp on a mighty unusual time for newspapers

Have we ever experienced a time like this in the news business?


A 'community' is just a 'place' if the newspaper dies

“You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.” The old adage came to mind as I thought about my local newspaper – the one that’s been printing my columns for several years. It reports on local government, sports, arts, births, deaths, achievements, crimes, churches and the myriad of other things that make up our daily lives. People still clip and deliver pictures of friends because it’s something important when your child’s picture is in the paper.


Xavier Newswire editorial: Role of a free press

Since February of 2017, the online masthead for the Washington Post has read “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” The phrase, originally coined by U.S. Appellate Judge Damon J. Keith, is a fitting indictment of the times we find ourselves in.


GateHouse buys Daily Oklahoman

The Oklahoman Media Company has been sold to the fastest-growing publishing company in the country, New York-based GateHouse Media, for an undisclosed amount, executives announced Thursday.


Data journalism and the law

In 1961, legal scholar Alexander Meiklejohn famously wrote that the rationale for the First Amendment depended on citizens’ ability to receive and use information relevant to democratic self-governance. The crux of his statement was this: knowledge is power.


'We’re Your Neighbors:' ONMA offers special Newspaper Week ads you can customize

This year National Newspaper Week (NNW) will be celebrated from October 7 to 13. The theme for NNW is "Journalism matters now more than ever," a response to recent attacks on the media industry.


Would Ohio editors publish an anonymous op-ed column?

The New York Times took the extraordinary step last week of publishing an anonymous op-ed column by a “senior official” in the Trump administration that described White House chaos and a group of officials who believe they must undermine the president’s worst tendencies for the good of the country.


Reminder about statement of ownership filing for October deadline

The publisher of each publication sent Periodicals Class Mail, including foreign publications accepted at Periodicals rates, must file Form 3526 by Oct. 1 of each year at the original entry post office. If Oct. 1 falls on a Saturday, the post office would expect to receive it by close of business on Sept. 30.


Contact your members of Congress today on newsprint tariffs

The Department of Commerce on Aug. 2 announced its final determination regarding tariffs on newsprint imported from Canada.


The many benefits of reading a newspaper

We published at least three stories recently regarding older Sheldon citizens being scammed over the phone for thousands of dollars.


In Ohio, you can fight public records battles with one click and $25

Ohio’s state and local governments likely hold hundreds of records that might be important to you or your family.


The tragedy at Annapolis: What to do next?

Yesterday’s tragedy at the Annapolis Capital touches all of us.


This small California publication provides a blueprint for how local buyers can save a newspaper

It was anything but a garden-variety media purchase. In this case, the buyers were not planning to drink in profits and spit out whatever remained.


Fight to stop newsprint tariffs goes to DC; ONMA members urged to sign petition before upcoming International Trade Commission meeting

On June 14 more than 55 newspaper publishers and executives around the country met with their members of Congress to discuss legislation to stop the crippling newsprint tariffs.


Mark Richard new editor for Daily Times, Community Common

Mark Richard, whose career in newspaper has included success in all aspects of the industry, has been named editor for The Daily Times and The Community Common in Portsmouth.


GateHouse CEO: Serving small business can replace lost ad dollars

“We’re never going to beat Google and Facebook in advertising. Let’s focus on what we can beat them at, and that’s being local and selling business owners something that they need terribly.”


Print Act introduced in House to protect publishers and printers from harmful tariffs

Rep. Kristi Noem, R-SD and Charlie Crist (D-FL) yesterday introduced legislation to suspend tariffs on Canadian imports of uncoated groundwood paper which includes newsprint used by newspapers, book publishers, printers and direct mail companies.


Ohio News Media Foundation announces 2018 scholarship winners

The Ohio News Media Association is proud to announce the Ohio News Media Foundation scholarship winners for 2018. Three scholarships were awarded to college and high school students for their work in media-related fields.


School bus accident bill passes with ONMA amendment

Journalists will continue to see names of minors in school-bus accident reports, though this information only will be made available upon request if House Bill 8 becomes law. The Ohio Legislature has passed an ONMA-supported amendment to a bill that would have blocked access.


How to mitigate increased newsprint costs

Tariffs are still in effect, but you can control how they impact your bottom line


Hilliard-native Olivia Wile named new ONMA and AdOhio intern

With a new summer comes a new intern. Ohio News Media Association and AdOhio welcome Olivia Wile to the team this summer.


Ohio Citizen Participation Act makes reappearance in Senate

More than eight months since its initial appearance in front of the Senate, the much-anticipated second hearing for the Ohio Citizen Participation Act was held Wednesday in the Ohio Senate. Passage of the bill is one of the ONMA’s ongoing legislative priorities.


Dispatch exec among leaders of new GateHouse consumer marketing agency

GateHouse Media announced the launch of a new, central consumer marketing agency to drive consumer marketing revenue and develop new and innovative products and experiences. Led by Denise Robbins, Senior Vice President Consumer Marketing, the agency is focused on delivering GateHouse’s award-winning content to new audiences and providing even greater value to their 23 million weekly readers.


Cleveland.com's Capitol Letter e-newsletter now free

Starting today, Capitol Letter, our weekday Statehouse newsletter providing inside information, insight, analysis and wit about Ohio politics and lawmaking, is free.


Certified Audit of Circulations merges with AAM

Members of the Certified Audit of Circulations voted unanimously to support a merger with the Alliance for Audited Media, according to a press release from the Alliance for Audited Media.


Former Marion Star publisher Jack Bates passes away

Former publisher and CNPA executive director John "Jack" Bates passed away on May 24.


Downtown Plain Dealer building to become Cleveland police headquarters

The city of Cleveland intends to move its police headquarters into the building that houses cleveland.com and was once home to The Plain Dealer.


Richland Source receives nearly $70k in local support for Solutions Journalism

If you need evidence of how much a city might value local journalism that looks forward, outward, and upward in its storytelling, look no further than Mansfield, Ohio.


Cleveland Press Club honors Akron Beacon Journal, Medina County Gazette and Plain Dealer journalists with 2018 Excellence in Journalism Awards

The Akron Beacon Journal was named the best daily newspaper with larger than 75,000 circulation while the Medina County Gazette won the honor for newspapers under 75,000 circulation at the Press Club of Cleveland's 40th Annual All-Ohio Excellence in Journalism Awards on Friday night.


Column: Social status low on list of priorities for most journalists

During the weekend a political commentator remarked on Twitter that journalists are no different than school shooters, in that both groups are largely attention-seeking sadists.


A Q&A with GateHouse Media CEO Kirk Davis

Cost-cutting equity funds have hollowed out scores of daily newspapers, turning their communities into “news deserts,” the critics say. But Kirk Davis, CEO of GateHouse Media, replies that though its publicly traded parent, New Media Investment Group, is externally managed by an affiliate of Fortress Investment Group, GateHouse is transforming its 144 dailies into tribunes of the people that are on their way to becoming financially healthy.


Athens Messenger/Vinton County Courier editor Tyler Buchanan named to E&P’s 25 Under 35 2018

Tyler Buchanan is a true wunderkind of the newspaper industry. At 23, he became the editor of the Vinton County Courier; three years later, he was named editor of the Athens Messenger. Under his watch, the publications have won multiple press awards—including five Associated Press awards of his own.


Register now for May 2 sales training you won’t want to miss

Lewis VanLandingham of Sharper Edge Advantage, who is part of the nationally recognized network of Sandler Training Centers, will lead a half-day session for us in Dublin on May 2 on “Building A High-Performance Sales Team.”


Free webinar for Ohio journalists: Follow the political money

Ohio investigative journalist James Pilcher will lead a free webinar for ONMA members on how to follow the millions of dollars spent in Ohio to elect politicians and advocate for causes.


Here is the Foundation’s latest training schedule – programs for all departments

A key benefit of ONMA membership is to participate in free or low-cost training, including many programs that you won’t get anywhere else because we put a specific focus on Ohio issues and concerns.


Josh Trust named River Valley Media Group publisher

Trust, a Pittsburgh native and 20-year veteran of the newspaper industry, has been named publisher of RVMG. He will manage operations for the La Crosse Tribune, Winona Daily News, Chippewa Herald and six weekly publications.


Redesigned ONMA press passes now available for member papers

The Ohio News Media Association has redesigned our press passes for member newspapers.