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Welcome to the Ohio Capital Journal

By David C. DeWitt

Editor's Note: The content created by Ohio Capital Journal is available for use by all ONMA member papers at no charge. For more information on taking advantage of this, contact David C. DeWitt at or call 614-940-6417.

Introducing the Ohio Capital Journal, a new state government digital news outlet focused on how policy is impacting the people of Ohio. Find us at, on Twitter @OhioCapJournal and on Facebook at

We are free to readers and free of advertising: no surveys, no pop-ups, no paywalls. Our news stories and commentary are also free to republish with proper attribution. We only ask you include the name of the author and

James Madison said that “knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

The Ohio Capital Journal’s mission is to report for the people so that we may arm ourselves with the power of knowledge.

The Capital Journal is a nonprofit news organization and part of the States Newsroom network dedicated to connecting Ohioans to our state government and its impact on our lives. We'll combine our daily coverage with investigative journalism that delves into the consequences of laws and policy. We'll also provide insightful political commentary.

We are dedicated to the highest ethical standards of journalism and to highlighting good journalism from other publications big and small around our state.

In this era of chaos and dysfunction, the duty of journalists to clearly convey critical, factual information has rarely been so paramount, and the performance of media rarely so suspected.

We therefore make the pledge that our first duty as journalists is always to the people of Ohio. We will be tough, and we will be fair. The Ohio Capital Journal is here to report for the people.

We will have three reporters and several freelancers not only covering the Ohio Statehouse and Ohio government, but also getting out into our communities, talking to Ohioans, learning their struggles and sharing their stories.

We will also be running commentary, which will be clearly marked as such. This commentary will be written by our editor alongside a wide variety of guests and columnists.

In our commentary, we intend to share a healthy spectrum of progressive perspectives on the news and issues of the day. Our commentary will openly, unabashedly push toward progress, and it will be rooted in principles and values such as freedom, honesty, fairness, equality and human dignity.

In our reporting, our obligation as journalists is to provide facts, context and insight, and to produce that famous “first rough draft of history.”

We will do so with honesty, integrity, tenacity, humility, fairness and a solemn, unending devotion to the people of Ohio. This is our home.

David C. DeWitt is the editor of Ohio Capital Journal. To contact him, email or call 614-940-6417.

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