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Save 10-20% on your electric usage

The Ohio News Media Association wants to remind members of our partnership with Worthington Energy Consultants (WEC), an Ohio-based company that can help you save money on your energy consumption. WEC serves over 3 billion kWh of electricity usage year after year for their clients. WEC has over 20 unique suppliers of electricity and natural gas to help assure ONMA members receive the most competitive available rates. WEC also offers full transparency to ONMA members on all suppliers, pricing, products, and contracts.

In addition, WEC has a feature that every ONMA member should consider: A one-time installation of an energy management unit from GESPER Systems ( that offers significant savings on utility bills. GESPER units are installed at the electrical panel(s) in your facility and provide immediate benefits. Primarily:

  1. kWh usage reduction target of 10-20%
  2. Highest level surge protection rating available
  3. Extend equipment life and lower maintenance costs
  4. Backed by a $2 million product liability policy and 10-year warranty
  5. Typical ROI is less than 24 months

GESPER units are extremely affordable (less than $5,000) and provide immediate kWh reduction and redundant surge protection to protect equipment and lighting. GESPER will also reduce your carbon footprint and lower capacity costs. WEC specializes in restructuring supply agreements to assure clients maximize their benefit from GESPER.

ONMA strongly encourages our members to contact WEC's Craig Grant at 614-286-1189 or to learn more about GESPER and how it can benefit your company. This is the time to start conversations with WEC to make sure you don't get stuck signing your next energy agreement in an inflated market.

ONMA also has posted brochures on WEC and GESPER Systems in our website's member-only section, which you can find by clicking here.

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