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Strong opinions bring strong reactions from readers

From The Blade

One of the biggest misconceptions by readers about The Blade has to do with the difference between news stories and editorials.

Many readers call or write the newspaper claiming they are sure the newspaper is liberal or conservative. When I question them they are almost always upset about an editorial, not a news story written by the paper’s reporting staff.

A newspaper does not support one ideology, does not have one unchanging opinion, but to demand that it does not have an opinion is wrong.

I can say that knowing that in most towns and cities in America the newspaper is the oldest continuously operating business in their communities. That includes The Blade, which has been publishing a newspaper in Toledo since 1835, two years before Toledo became a city.

In that long storied history, The Blade has supported Republican candidates, and Democratic candidates, and a few Independents and Whigs along the way.

The opinion of any newspaper, including The Blade, is expressed on its editorial pages and comes from its publisher and the editors on the editorial board of the paper.

One of the duties of the editorial page editors is to select which letters to the editors to publish in The Blade daily. One of those letters recently resulted in many calls and emails to the newsroom.

On. Aug. 29, the newspaper published a letter to the editor from Diane Hamilton, of Sylvania, who had a rather radical idea for the Catholic Church in dealing with the ongoing sexual abuse scandal involving priests.

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