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Matt Arnold made sure The Vindicator looked great and read straight

From The Vindicator

One step to ensure a quality Vindicator is the nightly page proof.

The A1 copy editor sends images of the pages to myself, Editor Todd Franko or Graphic Arts Director Robert McFerren as an extra check on quality.

Most often over the past decade, that task fell to Matt Arnold, and he sent the proof to me.

Matt died last weekend after a long illness, leaving behind a staff devastated by the loss of a friend, trusted co-worker and one of the best danged A1 editors I’ve met in my 36 years in the business.

Matt loved “danged.” He also loved to create pages that popped, featuring headlines that were clever, informative and, often, mini works of art in their own right.

So much so, his headlines were judged as best in the state in 2017.

We fussed over the pages, the art play, the context, breaking news and a punmanship one-uppance that I was convinced would never end.

In the fall, our musings turned to what Matt referred to as the “Killer B’s” – his Ohio State University Buckeyes and Cincinnati Bengals and my Chicago Bears. Sometimes, too, his Ohio University Bobcats. Matt’s practiced politeness would only turn a bit salty when he would refer to the enemies: University of Michigan, Pittsburgh Steelers and anyone else who might best his “Bungles.”

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