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Poynter: How small newspapers can do great work

From Poynter

First the bad news: we have news deserts and bad owners and the never-ending slog of layoffs and buyouts and pivots and right-sizings.

Now the good news: Local newsrooms are still doing great work.

Last week, we started talking about how local newsrooms can scale big ideas down. I asked people to share projects that they’re proud of from their local newsrooms. I got more than I ever expected. I heard from newspapers, radio stations, a freelancer, a magazine and more. They made podcasts, maps, videos, photographs and projects that happened quickly and projects that took years. This week's newsrooms range in size from 10 to 30.

Instead of sharing them all, I’m going to spread them out this week and next and give them a bit of space to explain what they made, what got in the way and how they got around it. I have next week's batch ready to go, but please don't stop sending these

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