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Bluffton Icon and Ada Icon join ONMA as its newest members

The ONMA Board of Trustees has accepted the membership application of two local news websites in northwest Ohio, the Bluffton Icon and the Ada Icon.

Many ONMA members may already know the co-owners, Fred and Mary Steiner. Fred Steiner spent 25 years as a weekly newspaper editor in Bluffton. Their website addresses are and Fred is a journalism graduate of Bowling Green State University while Mary has an English degree from Bluffton University.

The Steiners decided to apply their background in community journalism to the online space when they launched the Bluffton Icon in 2009 and the nearby Ada Icon in 2012, focusing strongly on school and community news. Fred Steiner said that they are experimenting with weekend printed editions to complement their local news websites, which combined have about 25,000 individual monthly viewers and more than 5,000 Facebook followers.

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