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National Newspaper Week 2017

From NAM

This year we mark the 77th anniversary of National Newspaper Week (NNW) from October 1-7. The annual observance celebrates and emphasizes the impact of newspapers to communities large and small all over.

Newspapers can download NNW materials, including ads and logos, below this article. Additional materials will be available for download on the NNW website in the weeks to come.

The content kit contains editorials, editorial cartoons, promotional ads and more; all available for download at no charge to daily and non-daily newspapers across North America. NNW is sponsored by Newspaper Association Managers, Inc., the consortium of North American trade associations representing the industry on a state and provincial, regional and national basis.

This year’s theme is “Real Newspapers … Real News!” The aim is to applaud and underscore newspaper media’s role as the leading provider of news in print, online or in palms via mobile devices.

PLAN TO CELEBRATE National Newspaper Week by downloading these materials and devoting as many column inches as possible to reinforce the importance of Newspaper to your communities.

PLEASE ALSO MAKE IT LOCAL by editorializing about your newspaper’s unique relevance. This can be about your government watchdog role, coverage of community events, publication of timely public notices, etc.

Since the principle is timeless, the materials, new and archived, remain on the website and accessible year-round as a continuing resource.

Thank you for supporting National Newspaper Week. You already know there is power in association. And the same principle holds when associations like ours band together to provide even greater impact – both directly to newspaper members locally and collectively to the overall industry nationwide.

We deeply appreciate your participation and support of National Newspaper Week.

Download the National Newspaper Week logo:

NNW “Newspaper” JPG CMYK
NNW “Newspaper” JPG B/W
NNW “Digital” JPG CMYK
NNW “Digital” JPG B/W

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Download the 2017 NNW house ad:

Quarter Page CMYK
Quarter Page BW

NEWSPAPERS ARE ENCOURAGED to replace the “National Newspaper Week” line at the bottom of the house ad with their own flags or logos.

Click here to access state-specific house ads from 2013

A 2017 column will be available later in September. Previous columns are available for review below.

Column by David Chavern, President and CEO of the News Media Alliance, representing print and digital news media (Approx. 415 words).

“Debunking the newspapers are dying idea”

Download now
DOCX format
TXT format
Author mugshot

Column by Layne Bruce, executive director of the Mississippi Press Association and president of Newspaper Association Managers, sponsor of National Newspaper Week, on the importance of community journalism (736 words).

“Reading your local paper ‘Way to Know’ your community”

Download now
DOCX format
TXT format
Author mugshot

Column by Gene Policinski, chief operating officer of the Newseum Institute and of the Institute’s First Amendment Center. (Originally published in 2015; not date specific. Approx. 800 words).

“Power of the press is in being the Way to Know for news consumers”

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DOCX format
TXT format
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Editorial Cartoons Archive

Charlie Daniel (Color)
John Darkow (BW)
Wayne Stroot (BW)
Marshall Ramsey (BW)

Crossword puzzle feature (originally offered in 2013; not date sensitive)

Download now
Blank puzzle
Puzzle answers

Public Notice Promotion

Promote the importance ad value of public notice advertising in your newspapers with these ads courtesy of the Public Notice Resource Center.

Public Notice House Ads

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