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Peter Bhatia: To restore trust in journalism, enhance transparency

By Peter Bhatia, Nieman Reports

In all the gnashing of teeth that has gone on in the wake of the new administration and its relentless attacks on the press, the term “transparency” has earned a new status in newsrooms. It isn’t a new concept, and it is something that media have talked about and worked on for many, many years. But in the era of President Trump it becomes more of an imperative as we work hard to restore trust lost in the last election cycle, regardless of how fair the charges against us may be.

Many have written, including me, that our journalism remains our most potent tool in rebuilding our credibility. We do have to be relentless in our pursuit of the best work, regardless of market, regardless of region, regardless of the size of our newspaper, site or station.

As a regular judge of contests and a part of the 109-site USA TODAY Network, I am in awe of the magnificent work being done around the country. It ranges from fabulous investigative work to tear-inducing narrative storytelling, and is anchored by great beat reporting and stunning digital visualizations. Being the eyes and ears of the public will never go out of style.

But we have to do more.

Some of it is simple and traditional.

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