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Ohio Newspaper Association changes name to Ohio News Media Association

The Ohio Newspaper Association, which has been representing the interests of Ohio’s newspaper industry and their communities since 1933, has a new name designed to respect its history and point to the future.

Members voted at the trade association’s annual meeting today (Feb. 9) to become the Ohio News Media Association. The ONMA’s related Foundation also changed its name to the Ohio News Media Foundation. In addition, the ONMA amended its membership qualifications to include bi-weekly and monthly publications.

“The name change is not intended to signify an abandonment of our heritage as the ‘Ohio Newspaper Association,’ but instead, to build upon that foundation, and rich tradition, to signal the broadening of our scope,” said Bill Southern, president of The Toledo Blade and the ONA Board of Trustees.  “The mission of newspapering remains to inform and entertain readers, and to deliver results for advertisers. The new name acknowledges the many new and interesting ways we have to accomplish those objectives.”

Dennis Hetzel, ONMA’s president and executive director, noted the organization has a mechanism for digital-only local news outlets to join and already represents more newspaper-affiliated websites than physical newspapers.

“Great local journalism has never been more important than it is today, and everyone basically faces the same challenges, regardless of the platform,” Hetzel said. “By expanding our base and our vision, we’ll be that much stronger.”

Fortunately, Hetzel said, there is no need to change the ONMA’s website addresses of “” and “” for AdOhio, its affiliate that specializes in placement and sales of digital and print advertising.

However, the organization needs new logos for both the ONMA and the Ohio News Media Foundation. A contest with a $200 first prize is now open to artists and designers from across the state. Entries should be submitted in .JPG format by March 15 to

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