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Custom Print Solutions

There are a variety of ways to advertise your product or service. Our job is to gauge what you'd like your experience to be. We’ll plan and execute your newspaper advertising program, employing all the creative ways to use print media today. 

RopROP (Run Of Paper)

Run Of Paper is a term in advertising meaning that an ad can be placed anywhere in the newspaper under the discretion of the newspaper's editor (except within the classified section).


Inserts are a page or series of pages within, but separate from, the newspaper. Inserts are used to advertise a product or service. Nearly the same size as the newspaper, inserts can be great for advertising a sale or special store event, spreading awareness about a specific cause, or even distributing a selection of coupons that readers can cut out and carry with them. 


Sticky Notes

Ohio Lottery Sticky NoteSticky Notes offer high visibility to newspaper audiences in a way that engages readers. A Sticky Note is a small advertisement placed on the front of a newspaper, above the fold, with adhesive that can easily be pulled off. You can use your Sticky Note as coupons, promotional items of your product or service, or to make an announcement. 

Sticky Notes include major benefits to advertising, including:

  • High visibility of your product (since newspapers are stacked facing upward, where the Sticky Note will appear)
  • Sticky Notes can be removed for customers to redeem
  • Sticky Notes' adhesive can be reapplied to things like calendars or dashboards

Sticky Notes also come in a variety of colors and shapes, including: apple, car, cell phone, circle, dollar sign, flower, football, heart, house, popcorn box, price tag, pumpkin, stop sign, shamrock, star, tooth, and t-shirt. Using these special shapes is a creative, attention-grabbing way to have readers view your ad. 

Also, you can choose the type of Sticky Note that best fits your needs. Sticky Notes can be one-sided or two-sided, contain multiple pages (Sticky Note Flipbook), contain a scratch-off section, and can even be scented.